Are there age restrictions for Wu-Shu?

Wu-Shu is an "external art", so physically there are higher jumps and kicks, however, each person should go at their own pace.  We have students of all ages and abilities in our classes.

Do you recommend families join together?

We have several families that practice together, it is a fun way to encourage each other while learning.  Functional fitness for the family.

What age do you recommend to start?

Ages 8 and older can start in Wushu White (Beginning) classes immediately.  A new "Family Wushu Class" is for parents/adults to attend a 1/2-hr class with their children 4-7.

What is the progression?

Progression depends upon the student, but is necessary to keep learning.  There is a belt system, however, we will not recommend promotion if the student is not ready.  Wushu is a discipline, so everyday practice, interactions with other students and community are always measured.


"Wu-Shu" literally translated means "war arts" and in China was a reference to all martial arts.  "Kung fu" literally means "skill" or "proficiency", the word originated in a province near Hong Kong and has become a popular word for Chinese Martial Arts in other countries due to the economic rise of Hong Kong since World War II.  Martial Arts was a necessity at one time for protection, however, it was immediately recognized as a superior way to increase health and longevity through practice.  As the need for hand to hand combat has decreased, the health benefits of Wu-Shu and the need to carry on the martial arts culture and traditions has shaped the modern day art of Wu-Shu.

​Wushu/Kung Fu - What is it?

Balance, Focus, Health for Life

Frequently Asked Questions


Wu-Shu is practiced in stylized forms or routines, similar to gymnastics, but the foundation and moves are from martial arts applications.  There is a progression to develop you body and mind in order to learn the various forms:

  • Basic Exercises - These exercises are developed to condition the body, by increasing focus, flexibility, agility, joint strength, elastic muscles and enhancing quick, explosive power.
  • Basic Movements - Each form's parts are the foundations of martial art movements.  Basic stances, kicks, punches and jumps must be learned with detail and precision.  Mind and Body come together with proper energy placement.
  • Forms - Empty hand forms are learned first and are the basis for all other forms.  Weapons forms are introduced and add new challenges which include: Broadsword, Straight Sword, Cudgel/Staff, 9-Sectional Whip, 3-Sectional Staff.

​Wu-Shu, due to the variety of forms, the focus on flexibility and strengh, the martial arts skills learned, is a perfect way to enhance overall health and fitness.  This art enhances all other sports practiced.

Wu-Shu promotes:

  • Mind & Body Balance

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Confidence

  • Community

  • Balance

  • Memory

  • Respect

  • Cultural Understanding

  • Patience

  • Peace