There are numerous styles of Tai Chi, and each has it's own "flavor" and techniques.  Our classes focus first on the Yang style, the most popular style worldwide, as the foundations of Tai Chi can more easily be taught to all ages and abilities.  We start with the 8 Move and 24 Move Yang Style.  There is a progression to develop your body and mind in order to learn other forms and styles and deepen your understanding:

  • Meditation & Light Stretching - Each class begins with standing meditation in order to help empty your mind to focus on your practice.  Aspects of the correct posture are also practiced through meditation.  Stretching is very important to prepare your muscles and ligaments for the movements in class.

  • Tai Chi Walk & Stances - Moving forward and backward may seem easy, however, keeping yourself centered, preparing your ankles, knees and hips for the moves in Tai Chi is very important.  Not only will it assist you in preventing injury, but make learning the form and future forms easier.  There is heavy emphasis on learning stances and postures correctly.

  • Forms - We start with 8 move and 24 move Yang style.  Each form has different martial arts moves in a sequence, that take time to memorize.  Applications of each move are taught little by little to understand the purpose and correct energy placement of each move.  When beginning, just follow, allow your muscles to get used to the movements, over time it will become easier to remember.

​Tai Chi is a self-paced moving meditation with three levels (also called the three energies of Chinese Medicine). 

  • Jing 精 Essence/ Xing 形 Body (learning the moves)
  • Yi 意 Mind (learning and focusing on Qi)
  • Shen 神 Spirit (when body and mind come together)

Tai Chi is one of the most beneficial health practices in the world, and as with any art, you will uncover new challenges and benefits through each practice.  Your patience will be rewarded in many ways, and a new community will be opened to you that transcends age and cultures.


Tai Chi, Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan, is an "internal" martial art training system that emphasizes the development and flow of Qi (internal energy).  QiGong, literally translated "energy work", a basis for Tai Chi, is said to date back 4,000 years.  Tai Chi theory is said to have been created by Zhang, San-Feng, a Daoist monk in the twelfth century.  Tai Chi concepts "ying" and "yang" also came from the Daoist Monastery in the Wudang Mountains.  The creation of this art was to enhance spiritual & physical cultivation as well as self-defense.  Through deeper study, the self-healing benefits were discovered. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are often referenced to explain the flow of Qi for each move or posture. 

Taijiquan/Tai Chi - What is it?


This is for reference only we do not benefit from the sale of this book.  We do recommend it as a good reference for the documented health benefits of Tai Chi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Balance, Focus, Health for Life


Tai Chi Benefits:

At all levels, Tai Chi is said to regulate the central nervous system and helps prevent and manage stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory problems,arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Further studies have shown it can reduce chronic pain and anxiety.  Benefits have been published by numerous reputable medical practitioners including the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical.

  • Mind & Body Balance

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Confidence

  • Community

  • Balance

  • Memory

  • Respect

  • Cultural Understanding

  • Patience

  • Peace

  • Mental Focus & Memory

Are there age restrictions for Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is considered an "internal art", so in general movements are slower, which is sometimes difficult for younger students.  We welcome all ages and abilities, as Tai Chi is so beneficial for mind and body as long as you can remain calm and focused during practice.

What if I have severely limited range of motion ?

Tai Chi can be practiced by all individuals, even if you are in a wheelchair.  For individuals that have very limited motion and need a slower modified style, we offer a "Tai Chi for Health" program by certified instructor Maureen Benet (formerly Manasco). 

Can I get a workout from Tai Chi ?

Tai Chi is a full body system that can be gentle or harder depending on your preference.  Tai Chi is a way to find balance, mentally and physically, and one you can do anywhere for the rest of your life. 

Do I need to wait for a session to start and what if I miss classes, will I fall behind?

Our beginning classes are ongoing and even more advanced students will attend these classes to go deeper into each move.  Each person has their own pace, so do not worry about falling behind, this is a lifelong art.  

What is the progression?

Progression depends upon the student, but is beneficial to keep learning different aspects of your practice.  Focus in placed on foundations in the Yang style, then moving on to Tai Chi sword, 48 Style and Chen, however, only when the student is ready.  Patience is a main component to learning mind/body balance.