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If you are not sure the amount that is due or have questions/concerns, please email Karin at oregontaichi@gmail.com

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A Word from Master Chen & Karin Chen

Everyone's continued support during this time is appreciated so we can continue to bring balance through Tai Chi & Wushu to our community. We understand that some may not be able to continue monthly dues.  Please let us know if this is the case at oregontaichi@gmail.com.  We want to do our best to support the community that has supported us all these years.

Donations are also accepted for those that participate in our online courses as we continue to enhance these services for our members and the community in general.  If you know of someone who is in need of classes like ours, please share all public events, or email us at oregontaichi@gmail.com if more assistance is needed.

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3+ Family Members & Students who prefer to prepay, you can contact Karin at oregontaichi@gmail.com or send a check or payment from bank to:

Oregon Tai Chi Wushu

1350 SE Reed Market Rd, Ste 102

Bend, OR  97702

Phone: 541-639-9963

(We do accept Popp payments)

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If you would like to donate to Oregon Tai Chi Wushu to help us continue sharing the culture and art of Tai Chi & Wushu, you may use the drop down below.  We appreciate everyone's support during this time, Xie Xie Ni!

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